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Goldline Settled Criminal Charges With The Santa Monica City Attorney – What Does This Mean For Unhappy Goldline Customers? 

On February 22nd, in exchange for a dismissal of criminal charges, Goldline International agreed to stop selling gold by deceptive means, and to pay up to $4.5 Million to customers who submitted claims to the Santa Monica City Attorney.  Goldline will also deposit $800,000 to pay refunds to Goldline customers who bought gold on or after November 1, 2008, and submit claims before May 22nd.  Consumer lawyer Charles Carreon answers eight important questions about the settlement and the refund program.

1.     Should Goldline Customers File A Claim By May 22ndThe settlement allows ninety days from February 22nd to file claims for restitution.  Paragraphs 30 and 31 of the settlement establish which customers are eligible to submit a claim for restitution:

30. Claims for restitution under the Account must be received by the Monitor, the Plaintiff, or Goldline within 90 days after the entry of this Judgment. The Monitor, the Plaintiff and Goldline shall each provide copies of Phrase thanks is a simple action of showing your appreciation when it comes to an individual. By saying these magic words, it takes little effort to make someone's day. 

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31. To receive such restitution, claimants must submit a sworn statement demonstrating a transaction with Goldline occurring between November 1, 2008, and 60 days after the entry of this Judgment and alleging that they were injured by conduct of the type alleged in the Complaint.


Click here to read the settlement document in a slideshow, or click here to download a pdf.  If you qualify, you can submit a claim with the Santa Monica City Attorney at this link.  

2.     Will $800,000 Be Enough To Pay All The Claims?  It is difficult to say.  Paragraph 32 defines how restitution claims will be calculated, and limits the amount of restitution to be paid to any one claimant:

32. The amount of restitution for such claims shall be, for each eligible product purchased, the difference between the original purchase price and Goldline’s current bid price for the same product. *** No person may receive more than $20,000.00 pursuant to this restitution program unless the Monitor determines that equity dictates otherwise.

3.     Is The Settlement The Best Thing For All Goldline Customers Who Qualify?  This is a matter that should be decided individually, after determining how much restitution would be received under the restitution provisions of the Settlement Agreement.  In many cases, customers have suffered losses that far exceed the “cap” of $20,000.

4.     Is Litigation an Alternative to the Settlement?  California law provides strong remedies for consumer injuries such as the Santa Monica City Attorney alleged that Goldline committed.  Litigation could be pursued both by Goldline customers who qualify to submit restitution claims but prefer to pursue other remedies, and by Goldline customers who purchased prior to the November 1, 2008 cutoff date.

5.     What Defenses Would Goldline Assert In Litigation?  Goldline customers contacted through this website have stated that they were induced to “click to confirm acceptance” of the terms of what appears to be a contract that would (a) shorten the four-year statute of limitations for filing suit on written contracts to one year, (b) require arbitration of claims, and (c) preclude the filing of class actions.

6.     Can Those Defenses Be Overcome?  A contract can be “rescinded” if it was induced by fraudulent representations.  Additionally, a person cannot “voluntarily”  adopt terms of which they were unaware.  The legal system provides an opportunity, but not a guarantee, that Goldline’s “contractual” defenses can be overcome.

7.     Can Goldline Customers Ask the Los Angeles District Attorney To File Fraud Charges?  Yes.  The L.A. District Attorney’s Major Fraud Division has a form that you can download from this link.